Here at Ashwell Motors, our expertise in the latest Vehicle Diagnostics Systems is second to none.

We specialise in the systems your manufacturers are using, whether your car is BMW, VW, Honda or Ford. The ability to carry out a cost effective accurate diagnosis is paramount and this is one of the many ways in which we excel.

Diagnostics can be a very complicated process but over the years we’ve honed these skills and put procedures into place helping to get to the root of the problem fast saving us time and you money.

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Our technicians’ training is constantly updated by industry experts to care for the complex vehicles of today, those vehicles that you depend on to commute, pick up the children or go on holiday.

When problems get tough so do we, whether it be using the latest in serial diagnostics to interrogate your vehicles on board control units, parallel testing with advanced oscilloscopes or even smoke testing with the latest equipment our technicians have the knowledge required.

Vehicle Diagnostics isn’t about simply ‘resetting the memory’, ‘blanking the ECU’ or ‘clearing the fault codes’ – these are phrases we hear daily often used by the inexperienced or undertrained. Engine lights and problems can simply return once a drive cycle is carried out.

Diagnostics is about so much more than that. It’s about listening to the customer, understanding and interrogating the system, challenging the fault and making sure a correct judgement or procedure is followed to make an accurate diagnosis.

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