High Definition 3D 4 wheel alignment

It is the most precise alignment available and consists of placing targets on the vehicles wheels, using high definition cameras to pinpoint the angles of the vehicle. Computer technology is then used to determine the angle of the steering wheel. This detailed information allows us to make adjustments to the angles of the wheels to return the vehicle to the car manufacturer’s specification. After alignment is carried out a detailed report is then presented to the customer.

Correct alignment can not only improve fuel economy, performance and handling, it also helps increase the life of your tyres. Tyres are getting more and more expensive, especially with the introduction of run flat technology.  Improper wheel alignment is one of the major causes of tyre degradation. Ashwell Motors has gained a reputation and our technicians have the expertise to put your vehicle’s wheel alignment right.

Don’t waste your money on ‘tracking’ or ‘laser line’ – follow the actions of many major dealerships – a number of which are our customers, and have a 3DHD alignment check and know it’s right.

Ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • Are your tyres wearing prematurely?
  • Is your vehicle handling as the manufacturer intended?
  • Are you wasting fuel?
  • Have you hit a kerb or been involved in an accident?

These are all good reasons for having your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked.

3D HD Alignment checks are carried out for just £36 including VAT.

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