In times where safety is paramount, it is surprising to us here at Ashwell Motors that tyre fitting has often been overlooked by the motorist, considered an unskilled aspect of the motor trade that almost anyone with a basic knowledge of cars can deal with.

When you consider that tyres are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road, it is obvious that tyre maintenance is one of the most important safety aspects to take into consideration.  With the addition of tyre pressure monitoring systems and run flat technology it is essential that you have a fully qualified professional carry out the fitting of your tyres.

We will never recommend the fitting of part worn (second hand) tyres to any vehicle. Although they often seem like a cheaper alternative, the tyres are often defective, close to the legal limit, have been previously repaired or most likely imported winter snow tyres that have been branded unsafe for use on the road.

Lately we have seen a vast number of winter tyres fitted unknowingly to customers’ cars bought as part worn or second hand.  Please be vigilant and know that snow tyres wear out up to THREE TIMES faster than normal tyres.  They increase road noise and fuel consumption, and decrease handling.


If you are in any doubt at all as to the condition of your tyres or would just like some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Black Circles Premier Fitting Partner

Due to our commitment to providing the best possible service and quality products at the best prices we recently entered into partnership with the country’s leading tyre retailer,

They were so impressed with the quality of our tyre fitting that we are now proud to be counted amongst their premier tyre fitting outfits in the UK.

All our tyre prices include fitting, balance, valve and environmental disposal charges.

Our tyre fitting service starts at just £12.00 including VAT.