Diagnostic Differential
A car was presented to us with a slight misfire and excess smoke. We carried out a diagnostic check which led us to believe we had a problem with the egr valve, the customer authorised removal and this is what we found. I think its safe to say it was blocked

Inside Story
This customer was totally unaware of the dangerous problem with his tyre. We found the splits during a routine service, as the splits were on the inner side wall the customer had no idea !!

Water or Oil?
When this vehicle came in overheating we were actually surprised it was running at all.

Coolant is normally red blue or green , this coolant tank was a nice shade of black.

Long Life Oil Change
We attempted to drain the oil on a ford focus recently, when nothing came out we thought it best to remove the sump to take a look. To our horror this is what we found !!! Talk about taking extended service intervals to the limit !!

Regular oil changes with high quality oil is essential.

No Laughing Matter
We’ve seen some bad repairs but this one even shocked us , silicone on a brake pipe. Dangerous and downright stupid.

Another reason why the unqualified shouldn’t be allowed to work on motor vehicles.

Whats That Smell?
A customer asked us to take a look at car after it developed a strange smell. Turns out he’d had another garage carry out a repair on his exhaust a few days prior and they hadn’t made a very good job of it . The customer had realised something was wrong when the silicone melted and giving off a terrible smell.

We quickly rectified the exhaust and the car was back on the road minus the smell.

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