We’ve been in the motor trade business for over 20 years, so you may think nothing would surprise us?

Well we thought we’d share with you our collection of the most shocking, interesting and dangerous sights that we have come across as we go about our daily business.
We call them our horror stories – I’m sure you’ll see why:

The Lambda 1
When our technicians were greeted with this we must admit there were a few laughs. This was apparently an attempt by a mobile mechanic to repair a lambda sensor, whats even more shocking was the amount he charged.

We were more shocked that the plastic cable ties hadn’t melted, a new exhaust and sensor and this car was back on the road.


Lack Of Brakes
You may not recognise this but its actually A brake disc we removed from a licensed Liverpool taxi cab now.

The driver presented the vehicle complaining of abit of noise when he pressed the brake. It now takes prize position on our wall of shame .

All jokes aside , thankfully nobody was hurt.


The Case Of the Stray Glove
Spot the problem ? Somethings wrapped around the camshaft , yeah you guessed it a rubber glove. We later found out the customer had placed a glove over the oil filler void to prevent loss of oil as he had lost the cap …


As Luck May Have It
We noticed a strange noise coming from the timing cover area whilst changing the tyres on this Renault, the customer asked us to investigate

A Very lucky escape , always replace your cambelt at the recommended intervals !!

Slight Fuel Issue
A recent fuel drain … Fuel quality is so important, the cheapest is quite often not the best, this came from a super market.

Low Oil Pressure
This isn’t the first time we’ve come across this one, poor quality oil and filters can cause so much damage., Don’t fall foul to those signs service for 49.99 etc , use only quality parts and products …




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